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Erkel Ferenc Kamarazenekar (Ferenc Erkel Chamber Orchestra)

Orchestra, choir, ensemble

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The orchestra was founded in 1985 by 15 first-year students of the Béla Bartók Music Conservatory in Budapest. Half a year after their formation, they achieved an exceptional First Prize at a chamber orchestra competition organized by the Belgian Royal Family. Since then, the young ensemble - with an average age of 25 - became regular participants of Hungarian and international concert life. They give 70 to 80 concerts yearly, most of them are broadcasted on the Hungarian Radio. In addition to home concerts, the orchestra had been on tour in several European countries (France, Belgium, Rumania, Spain etc.) and they are regularly reinvited to most venues.
Their international career began at the 1988 Chamber Orchestra Competition in Valencia. During this competition they took First Prize over the orchestras from 25 countries. The Cultural Minister of Spain invited the orchestra again to the next competition in two years. In that competition, in 1990, the Ferenc Erkel Chamber Orchestra earned First Prize again. At that time they were invited to appear as Honorary Guest Orchestra of the 1992 Gala Concert. The ensemble has worked with world famous soloists as: Sylvia Sass, Miklós Perényi, Jenő Jandó, Leonidas Kavakos, Lajos Lencsés, Vilmos Szabadi, Péter Damm and others. In 1992 the orchestra had introduced the Greek violinist, Leonidas Kavakos - winner of the International Paganini and Queen Elizabeth Competition - in Hungary, then made a nationwide tour with the artist.
Their most important concert of 1997 was transmitted alive by the European Broadcasting Union to 18 countries with a listening audience of over ten millions. In 1998 Jean Francaix´s compositions were played with the conctribution of the composer´s daughter.
The members of the ensemble won several precious prizes as soloists ad chamber musicians at home and in international music competitions as well: 1989 Budapest - quartet, 1993 Cremona - quartet, 1994 Budapest Viola Competition etc. They studied under such excellent professors as Claudio Abbado (Mahler Orchestra), Sándor Végh (Salzburg), Lorán Fenyves (Toronto) and Dénes Zsigmondy (Basel).
Since the foundation of the ensemble, they have been working under the artistic direction of Lili Áldor, member of the world-famous Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra. The orchestra plays without conductor under the dierction of its excellent concert master: Ms. Eszter Lesták Bedő.
They also play pieces such as Vaughan William´s Variation of Tallis performed with 25 string instrumets; or Mendelssohn´s Violin Concerto in E minor with 40 players.
They have released five internationally acknowledged reording.

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