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Orchestra, choir, ensemble

There are several reasons for the trio's unusual choice of name. On the one hand, it is the title of one of their tracks, which Zsolt wrote on a historical keyboard instrument made in 1705. On the other, it suggests an association with the film "Legend of 1900" and its protagonist, who - willingly or not - is a caricature of musical meticulousness. For the members of the group, openness, the breaking down of barriers and the crossing of real or imagined boundaries are prime motivations. It is thanks to this approach that the trio's music, despite its many sources of inspiration, forms a homogenous whole, embracing the melodies and dynamism of pop, the freshness of electronic music, classical music's emphasis on harmony, the diversity of world music and, of course, the free and sympathetic ensemble play of jazz. Rhythmically complex piano parts, unusual percussion instruments and frequent use of the bow on the double bass are distinctive features of the trio’s sound.

Zsolt enjoyed lasting collaborations with Béla in the 1990s and with András in the first decade of the millennium. The fruits of these joint efforts can be heard on four albums. All three musicians have made long journeys to find their own voices and individual styles. The group was formed at the end of 2010 on Béla's return home from 15 years in Australia.