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Pro Musica Leánykar (Pro Musica Girls' Choir)

Orchestra, choir, ensemble

(+36 42) 508 708
(+36 30) 815 3975
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Kodály Zoltán Általános Iskola - Cantemus Kórus
Nyíregyháza 4400 Vay Ádám krt. 18.

The Pro Musica Girls' Choir was formed in 1986 to fulfill the special wish of former members who wanted to go on singing after leaving the world - famous Cantemus Children's Choir.

In the same year they took part in the Béla Bartók International Choir Competition in Debrecen and won the first prize of their category, and the Grand Prize of the competition. Since then the choir has won a great number of prizes. Their greatest success was at the 10th anniversary of the choir, when they won the European Gran Prix, and two championships besides three gold medals at the 2nd Choir Olympics in Busan, 2002.

The members of the choir are studying in different grammar schools and universities all over Hungary. It is their love of the community and singing that brings them back to weekend rehearsals from time to time.

Their repertoire extends from Gregorian chants to contemporary music containing the most beautiful pieces of music history. Besides the works of Bartók and Kodály, in their repertoire you can find the greatest pieces of the Renaissance and romanticism, as well as the works of contemporary Hungarian composers. The choir had the privilege to premier many new pieces composed especially for Cantemus.

Their voices are preserved by records, radio and TV - recordings. More than 10 CDs were published together with the Cantemus Children's Choir, which gives a whole view about the Hungarian and European choral music.

1986. Debrecen - Hungary, I. prize, Grand Prix
1990. Gorizia - Italy, II. prize, II. prize, III. prize, III. prize
1991. Tolosa - Spain, I. prize, I. prize
1994. Kodály Zoltán "Singing Youth" International competition based on recordings - Hungary, I. prize
1995. Arezzo - Italy, I. prize, III. prize, Grand Prix
1996. Debrecen - Hungary, European Grand Prix
1996. Athen - Greece, I. prize, I. prize, Four Gold Medals
1999. Tolosa - Spain, III. prize, III. prize
2000. Maribor - Slovenia, Two Gold Medals
2001. Celje - Slovenia, II. prize (Gold Diploma), Prize of the audience
2001. Maasmechelen - Belgium, I. prize, Grand Prix
2002. Busan - Choir Olympics, South Korea, Olympic Champion in two different categories, 3 Gold Medals
2003. London - England "Let the Peoples Sing", I. prize, Silver Rose Bowl /Grand Prix/
2004. Montreux - Switzerland, I. prize and Grand Prize