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This is the Composition Database of BMC, which includes information about works by composers that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary.

Title of the work



Original / Hungarian title
Foreign language / English title
Concerto for saxophone and orchestra
to Marcus Weiss
Year of composition

sax.t. solo (anche sax.s.) - 2 fl. (II anche picc. and fl.a.), 2 ob. (II anche, 2 cl. in A (II anche cl.picc.), cl.b., 2 fg. - 2 tr., trb. - perc. (2 esec.: campli., raganella, ptti.,, tambourine, vibraslap, 2 maracas, vibr., 2 cmpc., ptto. china, tmb.picc.c.c., 3 conga, claves, newspaper sheet) - pf. (anche cel.) - strings: 12 vl. 1, 10 vl. 2, 8 vla., 6 vlc., 4 cb. (or 6 vl. 1, 5 vl. 2, 4 vla., 3 vlc., 2 cb.)
20 min

Movements, parts
1. ♪. = 88
2. ♩ = 69
3. Moderato, ♩ = 96
4. ♩ = 88

Commissioned by
WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne, Basel Symphony Orchestra, L´Orchestre National de Lille
Premiere information
15 January 2022, Funkhaus am Wallrafplatz, Cologne, Germany; Marcus Weiss (sax.), WDR Symphony Orchestra, Elena Schwarz (cond.)

23 March 2024, Grand Hall, Academy of Music, Budapest, Erzsébet Seleljo (sax.), Concerto Budapest, Pedro Amaral (cond.) (Hungarian premiere)
Publisher / Source
Edition Schott © 2021, Order No.: LS 6182-01
Available here!
Recording of the Swiss premiere (16 February 2022, Basel) - Marcus Weiss (sax.), Sinfonieorchester Basel, Péter Eötvös (cond.) (Available on
Remarks, other info
"The saxophone has been very close to me since I was a child because it sounds like I’m singing myself. I’ve heard a lot from Paul Desmond, Gerry Mulligan, Stan Getz and Sonny Rollins … but that was all jazz and improvisation, and I compose in a different style, I write down every note. While composing, I always made sure to find the individual voice that is characteristic of this work and this instrument. Saxophones often appear in my orchestral works, I’ve also written a saxophone quartet, but FOCUS is the first time I’ve treated the saxophone as a solo instrument. The idea for FOCUS comes from the world of film cameras. Just as the camera is often “focused” on someone or something in films, my piece also has a “background” (the orchestra), and a “Premier Plan” (a soloist) and my “sound camera” slowly opens up in slow motion one or the other focused." (Péter Eötvös)