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This is the Composition Database of BMC, which includes information about works by composers that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary.

Title of the work

The New Bell


Original / Hungarian title
Az új harang
Foreign language / English title
The New Bell
Little Piano Pieces
Year of composition

Instrumental solo
Number of players
Movements, parts
1. Tavaszi szél / Spring breeze
2. A nagymama borzasztó ébresztőórája / Granma´s awful alarm clock
3. Milyen nagy a kiselefánt? / How big is the baby elephant
4. Ostinato C-ben / Ostinato in C
5. Mese a déli tengerekről / Fairytale from the South Seas
6. Lombsusogás / Rustling leaves
7. Zöld erdőben / In the green forest
8. Maradj velem! / Stay with me
9. Az új harang / The new bell
10. A kiselefánt a lombok közt lebeg (álomban, persze) / The baby elephant floating among the leaves (in a dream, of course)
11. Két bohóc / Two clowns
12. Aludj, kiselefánt, aludj! / Sleep, little elephant, sleep
13. Sántikálós / Limping
14. Ragtime
15. a) Tango - "El Corazón"
15. b) Tango - "El Corazón"
16. Szereted-e Gershwint? / Do you like Gershwin?
17. A nagymama bulizó ruhája (Etűd) / Grandma´s ball gown (Study)
18. A keringő örök / The waltz is for ever
19. a) A brassói lány (A csalogány) / The girl from Brassó (The nighingale)
19. b) A brassói lány (A csalogány) / The girl from Brassó (The nighingale)

Publisher / Source
Könemann Music Budapest 2006 licence edition copyright Editio Musica Budapest 2018, Z. 20003
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2014, Pupils of Ágnes Lakos: Margit Jassó, Kamilla Kis, Marcell Mártonffy (pf.) (Recordings available at
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