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This is the Composition Database of BMC, which includes information about works by composers that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary.

Title of the work

Fair Ilonka - For Piano (Transcription of the Opera)


Original / Hungarian title
Szép Ilonka - Zongorára (Az opera átirata)
Foreign language / English title
Fair Ilonka - For Piano (Transcription of the Opera)
Year of composition

Instrumental solo
Number of players
46 min

Movements, parts
1. Bevezetés és himnusz / Introduction and Anthem
2. No. 1: Vadászok kara / Huntsmen´s Chorus
3. No. 5: Duett és az I. felvonás fináléja / Duet and Finale of Act I.
4. Bevezetés a II. felvonáshoz és No 6: Pásztorok kara / Introduction to Act II and No. 6: Peasant´s Chorus
5. No. 11 and 12: Ária és a II. felvonás fináléja / Aria and Finale of Act II
6. No. 13: Ünnepi kórus / Festive Chorus
7. No. 14: Induló / March
8. No. 15 and 16: Kvartett és a III. felvonás fináléja / Quartet and Finale of Act III
9. No. 17: hattyúdal és gyászzene/ Swan Song and Funeral Music
10. No. 18: Gyászolók kara / Mourner´s Chorus

Publisher / Source
Edition Rózsavölgyi and Co. 1862
Marco Polo (Naxos) 1996, CD 8.225022 - István Kassai (pf.)