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This is the Composition Database of BMC, which includes information about works by composers that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary.

Title of the work

Acis and Galathea - Ballet in One Act


Original / Hungarian title
Ácisz és Galathea - Balett egy felvonásban
Foreign language / English title
Acis and Galathea - Ballet in One Act
To the Music of the Orchestral Fantasy "Acis and Galathea"
Year of composition

Ballet / Choreographic work
Premiere information
21 June 1958, National Theater, Szeged, Hungary; Sándor Szathmáry, Judit Árkos, Demeter Roxin, Judit Árkos (choreography), István Szalatsy (cond.)
Publisher / Source
Remarks, other info
Revised version of:
Acis and Galathea - Orchestral Fantasy

See also the revised version of the ballet:
The Daughter of the Sea - Ballet in One Act