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This is the Composition Database of BMC, which includes information about works by composers that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary.

Title of the work

Cantici Frartis Sole


Original / Hungarian title
Cantici Frartis Sole
Foreign language / English title
Cantici Frartis Sole
Sun Anthem-oratorio - In 15 Movements
Year of composition

Solo voice(s), choir & orchestra
S., A., T., B. solo - mixed choir (4-8 part) - org. - strings: vl. 1, vl. 2, vla., vlc., cb.
48 min

Movements, parts
Parte prima:
1. Coro con soli: "Altissime, omnipotens, bone Domine"
2. Aria: "Principaliter cum Domino Frarte Sole"
3. Coro: "Et ipse pulcher"
4. Aria: "Propter sororem lunas et stellas"
5. Coro: "Propter fratrem ventum"
6. Duetto: "Propter sororem acquam"
7. Duetto: "Propter fratrem ignem"
8. Coro: "Et ipse est pulcher et iucundus"

Parte seconda:
9. Aria: "Propter sororem nostram matrem terram"
10. Terzetto: "Propter illos, qui dimittunt"
11. Coro: "Beati illi, qui ea sustinebunt in pace"
12. Terzetto: "Propter sororem mortem corporalem"
13. Aria: "Vae illis, qui morientur"
14. Quartetto con coro: "Beati illi, quos reperiet"
15. Coro: "Laudate et benedictie Dominum meum"

S. Francesco d´Assisi
Commissioned by
Gábor Baross and the Art Ensembles of the ELTE University, Budapest
Premiere information
3 April 2004, Matthias Church in Buda Castle, Budapest; Andrea Csereklyei (S.), Atala Schöck (A.), T. Bentch (T.), I. Kovács (B.), ELTE Orchestra and Choir, Gábor Baross (cond.)
Publisher / Source
Hungaroton HCD 32483, 2007 - Andrea Csereklyei (S.), Atala Schöck (A.), Gabriella Rém (A.), László Kálmán (T.), Dávid Csizmár (Bar.), István Kovács (B.), Zsófia Molnár (vl.), László Móré (vla.), Bálint Maróth (vlc.), Levente Gyöngyösi (org.), Purcell Choir, Orfeo Orchestra, György Vashegyi (cond.)
1 min. sample
1 I.
2 II.
3 III.
4 IV.
5 V.
6 VI.
7 VII.
9 IX.
10 X.
11 XI.
12 XII.
13 XIII.
14 XIV.
15 XV.
Remarks, other info
Composed: 2002 - 2003