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This is the Composition Database of BMC, which includes information about works by composers that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary.

Title of the work

Sonata per sei


Original / Hungarian title
Sonata per sei
Foreign language / English title
Sonata per sei
For 2 pianos, 3 percussions and sampler-keyboard
to Béla Bartók
Year of composition

Number of players
2 pf., keyb. (AKAI S5000 or S6000 with sampler) - perc. (3 esec. - I: tmb.picc.c.c. and s.c., ptto.sosp., gr.c., bongo, ptto. tibet, tam-tam, 2 plate bell, 3 camp., trg., african bean rattle; II: tmb.picc.c.c. and s.c., ptto.sosp., ptto. tibet, 2 tom-tom, tambourine, gong, 2 plate bell, 3 crot., trg., african bean rattle, Ocean drum; III: tmb.picc.c.c. and s.c., ptto.sosp., ptto. tibet, 2 bongo, 2 plate bell, crot., trg., african bean rattle, 2 ptto. china)
20 min

Movements, parts
1. Movement I
2. Movement II
3. Movement III
4. Movement IV - Bartók überquert den Ozean
5. Movement V

Premiere information
19 July 2006, International Bartók Festival, Szombathely, Hungary; Imre Rohmann (pf.), Balázs Szokolay (pf.), Ernő Fehér (keyb.), Aurél Holló (perc.), Zoltán Rácz (perc.), Zoltán Váczi (perc.)
Publisher / Source
Edition Schott Music Mainz © 2007, 52336(On hire)
Available here!
BMC CD 175, 2010 - Ensemble Linea, Benjamin Kobler (pf.), Jean-Philippe Wurtz (cond.)
WERGO CD WER 6784 2, 2014 - Grau Schumacher Piano Duo, Percussion Quartet Köln, Paulo Álvares (keyb.)
1 min. sample
1 1. Movement I
2 2. Movement II
3 3. Movement III
4 4. Bartók überquert den Ozean
5 5. Movement V
Remarks, other info
The composer thanks Prof. Imre Rohmann for preparing the third piano part (sampler-keyboard)

Adaptation from CAP-KO with piano reduction for the second pianist



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BMC Records