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This is the Composition Database of BMC, which includes information about works by composers that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary.

Title of the work

CAP-KO (dedicated to Béla Bartók)


Original / Hungarian title
CAP-KO (dedicated to Béla Bartók)
Foreign language / English title
CAP-KO (dedicated to Béla Bartók)
Concerto for acoustic piano, keyboard and orchestra
to Béla Bartók
Year of composition

pf. Steinway Model D (anche keyb. Roland KR 17 or a more current midi piano) solo - 2 fl., 2 ob. (II anche, 2 cl., cl.b., sax.s. (anche sax.a.,, 2 fg. (II anche cfg.) - 2 cor., 2 tr., 2 trb., 2 tuba - perc. (3 esec. - I: tmb.picc.c.c., tmb.picc.s.c., ptto., ptto. china, gr.c., sonagli, bongo, tam-tam, 2 metal bl. [As - d], African bean rattle; II: tmb.picc.c.c., tmb.picc.s.c., ptto., ptto. china, 2 tom-tom, tambourine, gong [d], 2 metal bl. [G - des], 3 crot. [b´´´- h´´´- c´´´´], trg., Ocean Drum, African bean rattle; III: tmb.picc.c.c., tmb.picc.s.c., ptto., ptto. china, 2 bongo, sonagli, gong [C], 2 metal bl., crot. [f´´´], trg., African bean rattle, 2 ptto. china) - cel. (anche keyboard controll) - strings: 10 vl. 1, 8 vl. 2, 6 vla., 6 vlc., 4 cb.
20 min

Movements, parts
1. First Movement
2. Second Movement
3. Third Movement
4. Fourth Movement ("Bartók crosses the Ocean")
5. Fifth Movement

Commissioned by
Musica Viva München; Co-commission: Suisse Romande Orchestra, Concertgebouw Orchestra, Orch. Phil. Radio France, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra on the occasion of Béla Bartók´s 125th birthday (25 March 2006)
Premiere information
26 January 2006, BR musica viva, Herkulessaal, München; Pierre-Laurent Aimard (pf., keyb.), Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Peter Eötvös (cond.)
Publisher / Source
Edition Schott Music Mainz © 2005, 51980 (On hire)
Available here!
BMC CD 170, 2014 - Pierre-Laurent Aimard (pf., keyb.), Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra (Göteborgs Symfoniker), Péter Eötvös (cond.)
NEOS 10705, 2007 - Pierre-Laurent Aimard (pf./keyb.), Paul Jeukendrup (digital-piano programming), Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Péter Eötvös (cond.)
Remarks, other info
(C)oncerto for (A)coustic (P)iano, (K)eyboard and (O)rchestra

See version with piano reduction for the second pianist: Sonata per sei (2006)

See also the fully acoustic version:
Konzert für zwei Klaviere (2007)

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