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Márta István


Place of Birth
Date of Birth

14 June 1952, Budapest

Studied at the Zsuzsanna Lórántffy Music School between 1958 and 1966, later at the Béla Bartók Secondary School between 1966 and 1970. He entered the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music Budapest in 1970 and graduated in 1975 in the artistic-teacher department as a student of Rezső Sugár. In 1976 he attended a course on composition conducted by Witold Loutosławski.

In 1973 he started to collect folk music in Moldova (Romania) among the Hungarian Csangó people. Between 1972 and 1984, as a leader of a youth establishment, he organised concerts and performances (Club of Young Artists Music Section, Group of Young Musicians). From 1980 he appeared in independent music-making events (Music of our Age, MTV Entertaiment Evening, Warsaw Autumn).

He was also a member of Group 180 as an instrumentalist and composer, and of the Mandel Quartet (harpsichord, percussion). He gave many concerts with the Quartet in the USA, Mexico, Brazil and Israel and many cities in Europe. From 1985 he has been the organizer of several musical-theatrical events (Planum, Rendezvous contemporary music festivals, Mozart Evenings at Buda Castle.)

From 1989 he has been head and artistic director of Kapolcs Days – Art Valley multicultural festival, and editor in chief of Völgyfutár, its news-sheet. He has been music director of Petőfi Theatre, Veszprém (1988–1990), the National Theatre (1990-1992), the New Theatre (1994–1996) and its director from 1998. From 2002 to 2003 he was a member of the Council of the Hungarian Festival Association, and its president from 2003.

His work includes ballet music, musicals and chamber music. Since 1976 he has composed music for more than 300 films and plays for such well known directors as Tamás Asher, János Szikora, János Ács, Imre Csiszár, Miklós Jancsó, András Jeles, Ferenc András, János Taub and others.

His main works are: Text and Music – a musical theatrical based on Beckett's radio play (1979); Christmas Day – 24 lessons for chamber ensemble (1980); Our Hearts – a requiem fragment (1983); A Workers' operetta – musical (1985); Doll’s House Story – music for percussion (1985); …per quattro tromboni… - for four trombones (1986); A Sigh – a string quartet commissioned by Kronos Quartet (1989); The Glassblower's Dream – a string quartet (1990-1998); Wyx-cycle – for a tape (1983-1997); Scrabbles-music – for chamber orchestra (1995); Liliomfi – musical play (1997). Much of his work has been recorded.

István Márta has been made a Freeman of Kapolcs.

1979 Nivo Prize of the Hungarian Television
1982 Audience Award of the Hungarian Radio
1982, 1987 Tribune International des Compositeurs (Paris)
1987 Erkel Prize
1998 Surcharge of the Theatre Critics (music of Peer Gynt)
1994 Podmaniczky Prize
1994 Déri János Prize
1997 Medal for Veszprém County
1998 President of the Republic's Gold Medal
2000 Knight's Cross of the Order of the Hungarian Republic
2001 Pro Regio Prize
2002 Hungarian Republic Order of the Cross (civil section)
Year Title Publisher Code Remark
1985 Márta István: Szíveink
Hungaroton SLPX 12563 Own
1987 Amadinda Hungaroton SLPD 12800 LP / Reissue on CD: HCD 12855 (1994)
1994 Amadinda Hungaroton HCD 12855 Reissue of Hungaroton SLPD 12800 (1987)
1998 Márta István: Sound in Sound out - Kapolcs Riadó
(István Márta: Kapolcs Alarm)
Hungaroton HCD 31829
1999 Márta István művei
Hungaroton HCD 31580
Title Type Year
...per quattro tromboni... Chamber Music 1986
The Bad Guy of Our Village - Music for Ballet Tape music 2001
King of the Deads - Movements for Choir and Chamber Ensemble Choir and chamber ensemble 1981
The Pregnant Papa Film music 1989
Sounds of the Museum - Music for Ballet Tape music 1982
The great jeweler Film music 1978
The money box, or a wild day in Budapest Film music 1982
Miklós Akli Film music 1986
Annunciation Film music 1984
The Tragedy of Men Music for the theater 2001
The Example of Ozora Film music 1974
The Glassblowe´s Dream Chamber Music 1998
The Devil Master Film music 1987
Doll´s House Story - For Percussion Ensemble Chamber Music 1985
Blasting in the Birdcage - Music for Ballet Tape music 1990
The Bridge Over Bosphorus Film music 2007
The Cherry Orchard Music for the theater 2000
Doctor Minorka Vidor´s big day Film music 1987
Don´t Look Back - Music for Ballet Tape music 1995
Dunasaurus Film music 1988
Images of a sunken world Film music 1994
Anatomy of a Scream - Music for Ballet Tape music 1990
El Camino - The Road Film music 2005
First Ladies Music for the theater 1996
Lost illusions Film music 1983
Forced march: Bor and its surroundings Film music 1986
Rich Poor Film music 1980
Grotesque Film music 1989
Root and wildflower Film music 1988
Hasutasok Film music 2007
Taking Seat, or the Arrival of the Peanuts Film music 1999
A Hungarian Fairy Tale Film music 1987
Gods and Lovers Film music 1981
J. M. W.´s Strange Meeting with Romeo and Juliet Chamber Music 1986
Jesus Christ´s Horoscope Film music 1988
Christmas Day (Lesson 24.) Chamber Music 1980
Krétakör !to be determined 0
The Last Speech of János Kádár Film music 2007
Housing Estate Myths Film music 1985
Liliomfi - Musical Play Stage work 1997
Visions - Music for Ballet Tape music 1984
Workers Operetta - Musical Stage work 1985
Musica Diavolae - Music for Ballet Tape music 1999
Art Music for the theater 1997
Four Songs on Poems by Petőcz and Szőcs Vocal music 1996
Othello Music for the theater 1999
Pannonian fragment Film music 1998
STIX 66 Ballet / Choreographic work 2010
Scrabbles-Music - For Chamber Orchestra Chamber orchestra 1995
Slips and Stream - Music for Ballet Tape music 1989
Poor Johnny and Princess Arnika Film music 1983
The Temptation of St. Anthony - Music for Ballet Tape music 1992
One Hundred Easy Little Piano Pieces Instrumental solo 0
Hearts - Requiem Fragment Choir and chamber orchestra 1983
Text and Music - Musical Theater Performance after the Radio-Play by Beckett Stage work 1979
Sóhaj (Doom. A Sigh) Chamber Music 1989
The Soul in Tibet Film music 2006
The Wind Rises Film music 1987
The Wind Rises II. - Music for Ballet Tape music 2001
Stories from the Lost Empire Film music 2005
Bastard Film music 1996
Stand Off Film music 1989
Wilderness Film music 1989
Blinds Solo voice(s) with ensemble 1985
Something Nice Film music 2006
Wax figures Film music 1983
WYX-pieces for Tape Tape music 1997
Arcadia Music for the theater 1998
A Fond Farewell to the Prince Film music 1986