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This is the Artist Database of BMC, which includes information about composers, musicians, orchestras, choirs and groups that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary, as well as information about releases recorded with them.

Bogár István


Place of Birth
Date of Birth

20 August 1937 Budapest - 26 December 2006

Istvan Bogar was born in Budapest in 1937 and graduated from the Ferenc Liszt Academy as a composer in 1963, after earlier instrumental studies.

In 1968 he became deputy editor-in-chief of Editio Musica Budapest and in 1972 he was appointed to the position of dramaturge for the National Philharmonic. Since 1976 he has been musical secretary to the Hungarian State Orchestra, under János Ferencsik, and since 1983 director of the music ensembles of the Hungarian Radio. In addition to his varied work in musical administration, István Bogar won a reputation as a composer and as a conductor, often of his own compositions.

He has appeared in recent years with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and the Budapest Strauss Orchestra, touring Switzerland and France with successful programmes devoted to the work of Johann Strauss. This resulted in invitations from Italy, Belgium and England for further tours.
Title Type Year
"With the Bow of the Gypsy" Choir and solo instrument(s) 1965
12 Variations Chamber Music 1977
3 Ungarische Volkslieder / 3 Hungarian Folk Songs Chamber Music 0
Dances from the Balkan Chamber Music 1967
Introduction and Rondo Chamber Music 0
Burlesca Chamber Music 1968
Frog-Songs Choral music 0
Horn Festival of Békés(tarhos) Chamber Music 1997
Béreslegény - variációk cimbalomra Instrumental solo 0
Cimbalom Quartet !to be determined 0
Concertino Concerto 1976
Wind Quintet Chamber Music 1959
Hellas - Greek Suite Wind orchestra 0
Hommage à J.S. Bach String orchestra 0
Hommage à Ravel Wind orchestra 1990
Hommage à Schubert Chamber orchestra 1997
Three Rondos Chamber Music 0
Three old soldier´s song !to be determined 0
Three Humorous Songs Children's choir 1976
Three Movements for Brass Quartet Chamber Music 1971
Irónia. Szonáta rézfúvós-ötösre Chamber Music 1980
Character Variations on an Old Hungarian Folksong Chamber Music 0
Paganiniana Chamber Music 1983
Brass-Rubbings Chamber Music 1976
Solo - fantasia per trombone basso Instrumental solo 1986
Sonatina Chamber Music 1962
Suite Wind orchestra 0
Székler Men´s Dance Wind orchestra 1981
Trumpet Concerto Concerto 0
Concerto for Tuba Concerto 1963
Tücsök Tódor ténfergései I. Solo voice(s), choir & chamber ensemble 0
Tücsök Tódor ténfergései II. Solo voice(s), choir & chamber ensemble 0
Tücsök Tódor ténfergései III. Solo voice(s) with ensemble 0
Tücsök Tódor ténfergései IV. Solo voice(s) with ensemble 0
Tücsök Tódor ténfergései V. Solo voice(s) with ensemble 0
Aria and Rondo for Brass Sextet Chamber Music 1967
Five Little Pieces Chamber Music 0