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Olsvay Endre


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Endre Olsvay graduated in 1986 from the Academy of Music, Budapest as a student of the composer Attila Bozay, then studied piano with Edit Hambalkó at the Teachers' Training College and also received a diploma there.

He was member of the "Young Composers' Group" (F.Z.Cs.) between 1985 and 1993. Six different recordings of his five compositions have been relased so far - as a kind of anthology. In 2003 an own record was issued with his 8 compositions.

Parallel with his work of composition he is also active as a teacher: since 1986 he has been teaching in higher music education, from 2001 at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music as well.

1985 Albert Szirmai Prize
2012 Erkel Prize
Title Type Year
70 Bars of Celebration String orchestra 1999
Ad hoc Chamber Music 1993
Ad notitiam Symphony orchestra 2000
Akrosztichon String orchestra 2013
Alias Instrumental solo 1985
Alio modo Instrumental solo 2012
Allegory Electroacoustic music 1996
Apostrophe Electroacoustic music 1993
Assimilations Chamber Music 1997
B-Ó !to be determined 2018
Canto fermo ostinato Instrumental solo 1996
Ceterum censeo Chamber Music 1999
Charybdis Tape music 1984
De sanctissima Trinitate Choir and chamber orchestra 1995
De sanctissima Trinitate Choir and solo instrument(s) 1994
Mirage Chamber Music 1988
Alienated Playing of Scales During Birthday !to be determined 0
Fantasies for Flutes Chamber Music 2002
Flautonomy Instrumental solo 1996
Gecko Chamber Music 1983
Hic et nunc Electroacoustic music 1999
Three Songs on Poems by Jenő Dsida Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1985
String Quartet No. 1 Chamber Music 2010
Imperfectum Ensemble 1994
Mascot Instrumental solo 1989
Colloquium Chamber Music 1995
Quasi Instrumental solo 1988
Two Aquarelles Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1997
Engravings Instrumental solo 1981
Monologue Instrumental solo 2007
Omicron Tape music 1999
Ouverture Chamber Music 0
Slate Chamber Music 2002
Slate Ensemble 1998
Bedding Plants "A" Ensemble 1987
Bedding Plants "C" Ensemble 1987
Pezzo capriccioso Instrumental solo 2001
Portions Chamber Music 1983
Ricercare-bagatelle Chamber Music 2011
Sapienti sat Instrumental solo 1991
Sinphon Ensemble 1984
Sinphon Instrumental solo 1985
Sotto Chamber Music 2002
Status quo Ensemble 1994
Syntagma !to be determined 0
Words Solo voice(s) with ensemble 2005
Serpentinetta Chamber Music 1987
Serpentinetta Chamber Music 1987
Serpentinetta Chamber Music 1987
Silhouettes Chamber Music 1988
Simultaneous Instrumental solo 1987
Sabretache String orchestra 1990
Tarn Ensemble 1996
Transplantation Electroacoustic music 2001
Chain of Movements String orchestra 2003
Charlock Ensemble 0
Variations on Snowfall Chamber Music 1992
Piano Suite Instrumental solo 2001
Horsetails Chamber Music 1985
Rimes Instrumental solo 1990
Transcription - Bach: Prelude in C Major Ensemble 0
Transcription - Mozart: Aria from the Magic Flute Chamber Music 0
Transcription - Mussorgsky: Two Movements from "Pictures at an Exhibition" Chamber Music 0
Transcription - Puccini: Crisantemi Chamber Music 0