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Varga Judit


Place of Birth
Date of Birth

12 January 1979, Győr

Judit Varga was born in Hungary in 1979. She is the first prize winner of many international piano and music composition competitions, and she regularly gives concerts as a solo pianist and as a chamber musician in several countries of Europe. Her compositions have already been introduced in bigger festivals.

She finished her studies in music composition with honours in the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in 2005. She is continuing her studies at University of Music in Vienna, majoring in piano, music composition, applied music and music for motion picture.

In 2001 she was a „Composer-in-Residence” in the music composing forum of Einklang (Mittersill, Austria), and she won the Kodály Zoltán music and composing scholarship of the Ministy of Education and Culture three times (2002, 2003 and 2006), and she was the winner of the Tokyo Foundation scholarship two times (2001 and 2004).

Judit Varga lives and works as a pianist and music composer in Vienna. In her wide piano repertory one can find contemporary and new compositions in addition to the most important pieces of classical music literature. As a composer she is primarily interested in setting short features, theatre performances to music, and compositions written for multimedia events and festivals.


1987-1993 Liszt Ferenc School of Music, Győr, Hungary (Piano, Flute)
1993-98 Béla Bartók Secondary School Budapest (Piano, Composition)
1998-2004 Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Budapest (Piano, Composition)
1999- University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (Piano, Composition, Media Composition and Applied Music)

Summer Universities, International Courses

1999-2004 International Bartók Seminar, Szombathely, Hungary (composition and piano courses with Kurtág György, Manuel Hidalgo, Martin Bresnik, Marco Stroppa, Michael Jarrell, Jonathan Harvey)

2000-2001 Prague-Vienna-Budapest Summer Academy, Reichenau, Austria (composition courses with Kurt Swertsik, Erich Urbanner)

2001 „Achantes”, Avignon F (composition and piano courses with Péter Eötvös, Zoltán Jeney, Florent Boffard, Pierre-Laurent Aimard)

2004 „Neue Musik Theater” course, conducted by Daniel Ott (Berlin), in the course of „Making New Waves” Festival (Budapest)

2002-2005 Vip Academy, Vienna A (piano courses with Stephan Möller-Spaemann, Leonid Brumberg, Olga López, Carol Morgan, Otto Niederdorfer, Leonna Lewis)

2000-2003 ISMEAM (International Summer Meeting of Electroacustic Music) Sárvár, Hungary

Awards, main events

1990, 1991, 1992 Richter János Piano Competition, Győr, Hungary, 1st prize

1992 Talent show, Győr, category of music composition: 1st prize

1994 Guest performer invited to „Music Garden, Festival of Wonder Kids” Moscow, representing Hungary.
1995 National Piano Competition, Békés-Tarhos H-I Award, Audience - Award and Special Prize for the best performance of a piece of music from the 20th century

1995-96 Co-moderator and host of an educational series on music, produced by Duna Televízió

1994-2003 Member of „KOMP” (Budapest), which is a crossover workshop focusing on improvised music

1998 I. Piano Concerto, premiere: Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Auditorium, Solo pianist: Judit Varga. A piece of music composed at the request of Bartók Béla Youth Symphony Orchestra

1998 and 1999 Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, music composition competition, 2nd prize, and in 1998 1st prize as a performer

1999 Winner of the Soros scholarship

1999- Member of the orchestra called EAR, participating in the world premieres of many contemporary pieces as a pianist, and composing new pieces for the orchestra

1999-2002 Active participation in the Festival of „Musik ohne Grenzen im Herzen Europas” (Music without border in the heart of Europe) Bratislava-Prag-Vienna-Budapest

2001 „Composer in residence” in the „Ein klang” Festival, Mitterill, Austria

2002-2003 Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, music composition competition, 2nd prize, and in 2003 1st prize as a performer

2001 and 2004 Scholarship student of Tokyo Foundation

2003 „New Meridian” portrait concert in the Wien Modern Festival, Vienna

2003 SKE Award (Austro Mechana) for performing contemporary compositions for the piano

2003 A film profile of 50 minutes about Judit Varga’s professional work as a pianist and music composer, produced by ORF (Austria)

2005 International Liszt Ferenc Piano Competition, Pécs, Hungary, Special Prize

2005 Premier of the II. Piano Concerto (Quasi una cadenza…) Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Auditorium

2005 Dryard-prize, VIP Academy, Vienna

2002, 2003, 2006 Holder of Kodály Zoltán music composition scholarship of Ministry of Education and Culture, Coaching and teaching experience

2009 1st prize at the UMZF 2009 (New Hungarian Music Forum) composition competition (Le Temp retrouvé)

2011 2nd prize at the UMZF 2011 composition competition (Piano Concerto for an Imaginary Pianist)

2017 Bartók-Pásztory Prize

2018 Ferenc Erkel Prize

2001 Richter János Secondary School of Music, music composition, reading music scores, musical theory, orchestration

2003- Accompanist, Austrian Master Classes, Zell an der Pram, Austria (classes of singing, the strings and flute)

2008 Accompanist, Wiener Meisterkurse, Vienna

2008- Teaching the piano class at Maria Regina Volksschule, Vienna
Title Type Year
#perspektiven:los Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2019
...alles Fleisch... Symphony orchestra 2012
...forever Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2021
...sweeter than roses... Solo voice(s) with ensemble 2010
10 Portraits for Viola Instrumental solo 2010
13 Lieder Chamber Music 2013
13 Lieder Electroacoustic music 2005
200 in 20 – Mashup pompeux et mécanique Symphony orchestra 2024
21 Variationen über einen unerwarteten Tod Chamber Music 2019
3 Tonleiterübungen / 3 Scale Exercises Instrumental solo 2005
3 Skizzen für Klarinette / 3 Sketches for Clarinet Instrumental solo 1995
7 Encounters Ballet / Choreographic work 2010
<>,>< and … are traveling on the train Live and tape music 2008
A Pertics Janika Music for the theater 2011
A Wreath Mixed choir 2018
Schlaflied für Johanna Ensemble 2001
Anamorphoses01 Chamber Music 2019
Anamorphoses02 Chamber Music 2019
Around a Roundabout Symphony orchestra 2020
Around a Roundabout Symphony orchestra 2020
Auge Chamber Music 2001
The Real Music for the theater 2008
BUSTED - the Dance After the Hammer (Art of Virus #1.1.1) Ensemble 2020
Barcarole pour Frédéric et George Instrumental solo 2010
Bending Space and Time Concerto 2022
Berceuse Chamber Music 2001
Black & White String orchestra 2018
Lovers of Baroness Blixen Music for the theater 2014
Blumenstück Chamber Music 2020
Broken Beauty Ensemble 2018
Bruggen Chamber Music 1998
Centipede Instrumental solo 2017
Concerto Imaginario / Piano Concerto for an Imaginary Pianist Live and tape music 2010
Concerto Rivolutionario / Revolutionary Concerto Concerto 2009
Deine Schönheit ist nichts Wert / Your Beauty Is Worth Nothing Film music 2012
Dialog Chamber Music 2004
Dialog (2nd version) Chamber Music 2005
Die Legende vom hässlichen König / The Legend of the Ugly King Film music 2017
Dietro la musica Chamber Music 2013
EAEP Live and tape music 2003
Entitas Live and prerecorded music 2012
Entitas Ensemble 2012
Escapex2 Chamber Music 2019
Ewig, ewig Concerto 2006
Fanfaren / Fanfares Instrumental solo 2017
Fenster Chamber Music 2020
Pay while Laughing Music for the theater 2008
Spaces Written by Light Film music 2024
Guernica Chamber Music 1994
Gypsy Queen Film music 2018
HANT (2nd version) Live and tape music 2003
Hallgató-PergetŐ String orchestra 2010
Hant Live and tape music 2003
Happy Birthday, Major Ludwig! Symphony orchestra 2019
Harbach Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1998
Harbach (2nd version) Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1999
Harbach (3rd version) Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2000
Heim Film music 2010
Piano Concerto No. 1 Concerto 1996
II. Klavierkonzert (Quasi una cadenza) / Concerto for Piano No. 2 (Quasi una cadenza) Concerto 2005
In memoriam J.V. Ensemble 2004
Indigo Live and tape music 2003
JUMP! Orchestral work 2017
Just in time Tape music 2001
Kammerkonzert für Klarinette und Ensemble Concerto 2004
Chinese Tale Ensemble 2002
Le Temps retrouvé Symphony orchestra 2008
Liebestod Opera 2009
Lou Andreas-Salomé - The Audacity to be Free Film music 2015
Mad(a)rigal Vocal ensemble 2005
Mann ist Mann / Man Equals Man Music for the theater 1998
Minimal Instrumental solo 2017
Mosar Chamber Music 2017
Mosar II String orchestra 2019
Mr. West Film music 2015
Musica imaginata Live and tape music 2000
Mégis Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1998
Nörgeln / Nagging Instrumental solo 2021
Möbiusband Chamber Music 2003
Ombres densément tissées Chamber Music 2019
Passacaglia Live and tape music 2001
Passion Chamber Music 1995
Pavane Ensemble 2004
Pavane Ensemble 2007
Pendulum Instrumental solo 2019
Pie Jesu Choir a cappella 2018
Play Strindberg! Music for the theater 2001
Pocket Requiem Choral music 2017
Preludium und Choral / Prelude and Choral Instrumental solo 2005
Puzzle (Black Hole Edition) Chamber Music 2018
Quartett Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2000
Quasi Chamber Music 2005
Rabbit blog Live and tape music 2006
Roaring Rococo Chamber Music 2020
Scherzo Chamber Music 1994
Schlummert ein... Choir and chamber ensemble 2014
Shattered Sun Symphony orchestra 2024
Seagull Music for the theater 2004
Stardust Concerto 2022
Strictly Ballroom I Ensemble 2005
Strictly Ballroom II Chamber Music 2005
Strictly Ballroom III Live and tape music 2005
Strictly Ballroom IV Chamber Music 2006
Strictly Ballroom V Tape music 2006
Poor Daniel Music for the theater 2012
Love Opera 0
Carpet Live and tape music 2003
Tenebrae Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1999
The L.I.F.E. Solo voice(s) a cappella 2005
The Night Choir a cappella 2018
The Silly President Instrumental solo 2021
Tiny Little People, Big Big Feelings Chamber Music 2019
Movement for Piano Instrumental solo 1994
Unausgesprochen Instrumental solo 2004
Urlicht Solo voice(s) with orchestra 2015
Variazioni con Tema Concerto 2020
Warsaw Melody Music for the theater 2014
Zankend - Stille, stamm, still / Quarrelling - Silence, Muted Silence Ensemble 2022
Lost Eden Music for the theater 2003
Flower Live electronic music 1999
String Quartet No. 2 Chamber Music 2002
Words Instrumental solo 2005
Klavierquintett Chamber Music 2007
]obscene[ Stage work 2010
stars buried deep Symphony orchestra 2022
~opra01~ Chamber Music 2002
~opra01~ Chamber Music 2002
Über das Huhn und den Sinn des Lebens Other 2008
Glass Tape music 2016