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Szegő Péter


Place of Birth
Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca - Ro)
Date of Birth

Péter Szegő was born on December 29, 1954 in Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár), Romania. He works as a conductor of the Hungarian State Opera House in Kolozsvár and as the professor of counterpoint at the Music Academy. In addition, he is also the founder, organizer and conductor of Anonymous, a group devoted to making contemporary music popular. The recording of his compositions is a collection of his newest works. It is safe to say, that his style is characterized by the battle of opposites. Within this battle, melodic motifs of bound and free rhythm, voices from the Far East, as well as the techniques of modern tradition, the ethos of Hungarian folk music, and contemporary tools of expression are used. His works have been performed in Rumania (Bucharest, Kolozsvár) and abroad (Hungary, the United States, Austria, The Nederlands and Germany).
Main works: M. O. M. (1977), Reverberations (1992), Incantations (1995), Duo (1995), Resonances (1996), Conterto for trumpet and percussion (1996), Wawes (1997), Echos (1997).

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Title Type Year
Arcades Chamber Music 1997
Duo Chamber Music 1995
Once upon a time… Chamber Music 0
Waves Ensemble 1997
Incantations Chamber Music 1995
Invocations Chamber Music 0
Concert Piece for Trumpet and Percussion Chamber Music 1996
Concert Piece for Pianoforte Instrumental solo 0
Contrasts Ensemble 1993
M.O.M. Chamber Music 1997
Mosaiques Chamber Music 1998
Resonances Ensemble 1996
Reverberations Instrumental solo 1992
Signals Chamber Music 0
Echoes Chamber Music 1997