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Dobszay László


Place of Birth
Date of Birth

2 February 1935 Szeged - 26 August 2011 Budapest

He studied history and literature at the Lóránd Eötvös University in Budapest and music at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, with János Viski for composition, Iván Engel for piano, Zoltán Kodály for folk music and Bence Szabolcsi for music history. For a decade from 1956 he was principally occupied with pedagogical activities, writing papers, composing music and compiling materials as part of a wide-ranging reform of the Hungarian music teaching system. In 1966 he was invited by Kodály and Benjamin Rajeczky to join the Folk Music Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. At the same time László Dobszay was making equally fundamental contributions to liturgical chant studies, surveying sources and repertories. In 1969 he, Benjamin Rajeczky and Janka Szendrei founded the @@KAR_127##. In 1970 Dobszay was appointed teacher at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. He gained his doctorate in 1976, and was appointed head of the Early Music Department of the Institute for Musicology. In 1990 he became the head of the newly founded Church Music Department at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music.

Erkel Ferenc Award - 1976
Musica Omnium Award - 1992
Pro Budapest Award - 1998
Széchenyi Prize - 2004
Year Title Publisher Code Remark
1998 Kortárs liturgikus magyar zene
(Contemporary Hungarian Lithurgic Music)
Hungaroton HCD 31770
Title Type Year
8 Choruses Choral music 1952
Mass for the Celebration of the Immaculate Conception of Virgin Mary !to be determined 0
Concerto String orchestra 1956
Duo Chamber Music 1953
Kantele Mixed choir 1956
Pater noster Female choir 2015
King Thrushbeard Chamber Music 2019
Sonata per violino solo Instrumental solo 1980
String Quartet Chamber Music 1955
Piano Sonatina Instrumental solo 1954
Piano Pieces Chamber Music 1955
Blessed Beautiful Pentecost Mixed choir 1955