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Soós András


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András Soós was born on 3 October, 1954 in Budapest. After graduating from the conservatory, he obtained a total of three degrees from the Music Teachers' Training Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music and then the Academy of Music itself, where his teachers included Tibor Szabó, Imre Földes, István Párkai, András Kórodi and Ervin Lukács.

Outside his regular classes, his human and artistic world was shaped by such teaching personalities as György Kurtág, Albert Simon, László Dobszay, Zoltán Jeney and László Vidovszky.

From 1980 to 1990 he was a member of Group 180, a Hungarian ensemble specialising in contemporary music, directing the domestic and international premieres and the radio and disc recordings of a number of compositions. During this time he was also the conductor of the Budapest Strings Chamber Orchestra for two years, which won the second prize at the Belgrade Chamber Music Competition.

He began his pedagogical work as a music school teacher, and then went on to become the artistic director of the Budapest Singing School. Since 1992 he has been an assistant professor at the Sacred Music Department of the Liszt Ferenc Academy, as a teacher of sacred music literature. He received his doctorate in Renaissance Music in 2001.

Since 1976, he has been a member of the Schola Hungarica Gregorian choir, under the artistic direction of László Dobszay and Janka Szendrei, and has taken part in nearly forty disc recordings, featuring in some as a solo singer.

As a composer, he has been active on the domestic contemporary music scene since 1980, and his compositions have been performed in Budapest as well as in other major cities in Hungary. He has regularly toured abroad, and his compositions have been performed at concerts and festivals and recorded for the radio in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy.

In 1992 he established the Contemporary Music Workshop, which organises a number of concerts a year at unusual venues like churches or museums.

András Soós is a member of a number of associations, including the ARTISJUS Hungarian Bureau for the Protection of Authors’ Rights, the Hungarian Composers’ Union and the Society for Hungarian Sacred Music.

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Title Type Year
March of the Frog King Chamber Music 2007
The Microcosmos of String Ensemble Music 1 Chamber Music 0
The Microcosmos of String Ensemble Music 2 Chamber Music 0
The Microcosmos of String Ensemble Music 3 Chamber Music 0
The Microcosmos of String Ensemble Music 4 String orchestra 0
Alleluja (I) Instrumental solo 1983
Alleluja (II) Choral music 1994
Alleluja (III) - (Instrumental Propriums, No. 3) Instrumental solo 1998
Ave Maria Mixed choir 1986
Ave Regina caelorum (I) Mixed choir 1997
Ave maris stella - Anthem Instrumental solo 2014
Ave maris stella - Hymn Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1997
Birds of Bali Chamber Music 0
Choralpraeludium Unspecified instrument(s) 1985
Choralvariationen Instrumental solo 1997
Communio - (Instrumental Propriums, No. 6) Chamber Music 1998
Bell Game (I) Chamber Music 1986
Bell Game (II) Chamber Music 2001
Cu-cu Chamber Music 2001
Differences Chamber Music 1994
A Duet Solo voice(s) with ensemble 1985
Pictures of a Setting In Computer music 1993
An Old Tune Choir a cappella 1992
Forgotten Melodies, No. 1 - Farewell to the Group Instrumental solo 1983
Forgotten Melodies, No. 2 - Lamento Chamber Music 2003
Forgotten Melodies, No. 3 - The Irreversible Melody Chamber Music 2000
Forgotten Melodies, No. 4 - Hidden Melody Chamber Music 2006
Etudes for Two Cellos Chamber Music 2002
Etudes for String Orchestra String orchestra 2011
European Children Songs, No. 1 String orchestra 2002
European Children Song, No. 2 String orchestra 2002
Ringing Out Chamber Music 1997
Half-lives No. 2d - Changing patterns Chamber Music 0
Fingerfertigkeitübungen I. Instrumental solo 2009
Glasmusik I Chamber Music 1982
Glasmusik II Chamber Music 1982
Gloria Choir and chamber ensemble 1986
Graduale (Instrumental Propriums, No. 2) Instrumental solo 1998
Children´s Games String orchestra 2005
Mourning-Chorals in memory of Ildikó Instrumental solo 0
Timbre Game Chamber Music 1981
Intervall-Steps String orchestra 2005
Book of Sounds - Chapter I Chamber Music 2003
Book of Sounds - Chapter II Chamber Music 2008
Instrumental Propriums Chamber Music 1998
FLood of Sounds (Group 180 in Oslo) Computer music 2003
Sound of Bells Chamber Music 1993
Six-part Reading - To Words from Salamon´s Book of Predication (3, 1-9) Solo voice(s) a cappella 2000
Lectio - To Words from Salamon´s Book of Predication (3, 1-9) Choir and solo instrument(s) 1987
Three Bach-Canons, No. 1 - Kanon zu 7 Stimmen Chamber Music 1991
Three Songs Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1978
Three Postludes Chamber Music 2000
Three-Part Intentions Chamber Music 1997
Seven Anthems Mixed choir 1999
Seven Interludes Chamber Music 1993
In medio umbrae mortis Chamber Music 2000
In memoria tua Electroacoustic music 1995
In memoriam A.S. Chamber Music 1992
In memoriam D.S. Chamber Music 2011
Inter modulationes Ensemble 2003
Introitus (I) Chamber Music 1994
Introitus (II) (a4) Chamber Music 1998
Introitus (III) - (Instrumental Propriums, No. 1) Chamber Music 1998
Iste confessor - Hymn Vocal music 1997
Choral Computer music 1996
Choral Instrumental solo 2018
Kyrie, Op. 37 Choir a cappella 1995
Canonical Fragments Chamber Music 2006
Canonical Variations Chamber Music 2012
Two Canon-Riddles Chamber Music 1994
Easy Two-Part Christmas Choral Canons Choir a cappella 2017
Lauda anima mea Choir a cappella 1996
Logos Ensemble 2003
Lucis Creator optime varitions for Organ, Op. 114 Instrumental solo 2018
Magnificat sexti toni Mixed choir 1995
Melody Control Chamber Music 1986
Missa Sine nomine Choir and solo instrument(s) 2013
Missa de Feria Mixed choir 1998
Missa in festo S. Joh. Bapt. Choral music 2004
Mary-Song Mixed choir 2005
Nolite quaerere, Op. 107 Instrumental solo 2017
Four Mary-Songs Female choir 2012
Four Laments String orchestra 2010
Four-Part Intention Chamber Music 0
Offertorium - (Instrumental Propriums, No. 5) Chamber Music 1998
Open dialogue (1st Version) Chamber Music 1986
Open dialogue (2nd Version) Electroacoustic music 1993
Open dialogue (3rd Version) Chamber Music 2004
Passacaglia - Inter valles Chamber orchestra 1998
Passé composé - Dirges in memoriam Ildikó Vékony Ensemble 2014
Pater Noster (I) Choir a cappella 1987
Pater Noster (II) Choir and chamber ensemble 1992
Per Tonos Ensemble 2004
Perpetuum mobile Unspecified instrument(s) 1992
A Look at the Passing Time Solo voice(s) a cappella 2001
Pitch Control (2nd version) Live and prerecorded music 1987
Pitch control (1st version) Chamber Music 1986
Processio (Anti-phona) Choral music 1992
Propria (Choral Works for Strings) Chamber Music 2005
Psalmus 1 "Beatus vir" Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1997
Psalmus 3 Instrumental solo 2023
Quaertie et invenietis Instrumental solo 2016
Riddle Quartet - Hommage à CAGE Chamber Music 2000
Ringing out - Peripatetic Performance Chamber Music 1986
Rond´eau Chamber Music 2008
Sequence Chamber Music 2005
Sequentia "Lauda Sion" (Instrumental Propriums, No. 4) Instrumental solo 1994
Supra librum - To Words of Moses from the Bible Solo voice(s) a cappella 2001
Soli with ad libitum accompaniment - De profunids Instrumental solo 0
For My Birthday Live and prerecorded music 2004
Tempus Symphony orchestra 2013
Time Square Chamber Music 2006
Twelve Songs Chamber Music 1991
Twelve Fruious Men Chamber Music 1990
Toccata Computer music 1993
Translatio mortis Instrumental solo 2003
Tu es Petrus Instrumental solo 2020
Social Games, Volume I Chamber Music 2009
Psalm 6 in Memoriam Ildikó Vékony Instrumental solo 0
Valse triste Chamber Music 1992
Verba mea (Psalm 5.) Chamber Music 1992
Verba mea (Ps. 5.) Chamber Music 2002
Verbum caro Choir and chamber orchestra 1989
Versetti Chamber Music 2000
Visibilium et invisibilium - motto Choir and solo instrument(s) 1995
Variations on 12 pitches String orchestra 2014
Musical Reading and Writing Instrumental solo 0
Tanscription - J.S.Bach: Christmas Chorales Chamber Music 2011
Shades of Old Dances Chamber Music 0
Five Movements for János Bali Chamber orchestra 2013