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Karácsony a New York-i Hárfaegyüttessel
(Christmas with the New York Harp Ensemble)


Catalogue No.
HCD 31331
Date of Release

Additional contributors
Aristid von Würtzler - harp, conductor
Sylvia Kowalczuk - harp
Barbara Pniewska - harp



Composer Title
Bach, Johann Sebastian / Gounod, Charles Ave Maria
Tartini, Giuseppe D-dúr Sinfonia Pastorale
Vivaldi, Antonio D-dúr concerto RV 93
Händel, Georg Friedrich F-dúr concerto Op. 4 Nr. 5
Bach, Johann Sebastian a-moll concerto BWV 1056
Bach, Johann Sebastian f-moll concerto BWV 1056
Locatelli, Pietro Antonio f-moll concerto grosso Op. 1 Nr. 8
Torelli, Giuseppe g-moll concerto grosso Op. 8 Nr. 6
Manfredini, Francesco Onofrio h-moll Sinfonia Pastorale Op. 2 Nr. 12