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This is the Artist Database of BMC, which includes information about composers, musicians, orchestras, choirs and groups that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary, as well as information about releases recorded with them.

Boulez at 70


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Additional contributors
Pierre Boulez Conductor - spoken word; Saschko Gawriloff - Violin; Stephen Plaistow - spoken word; Francoise Pollet - soprano; Berliner Philharmoniker; Chicago Symphony Orchestra; Cleveland Orchestra; Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra; Ensemble InterContemporain

Further composers, works
Compositions: Igor Stravinsky: Fireworks (Feu D'artifice), Op. 4; Spoken Word: Pierre Boulez and Stephen Plaistow in conversation; Claude Debussy: Nuages, for orchestra (Nocturne No. 1), L. 91/1; Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 6 in A minor ("Tragic"): Allegro ma non troppo; Anton Webern: Songs (4) for soprano & orchestra (or piano), Op. 13; Béla Bartók: Pieces (4) for orchestra, Op.12, Sz. 51, BB 64: Scherzo; Olivier Messiaen: Chronochromie, for orchestra, I/43: Antistrophe I; György Ligeti: Violin Concerto: Praeludium; Maurice Ravel: Une barque sur l'océan