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Mentoring Program for Young Conductors and Composers 2018/2019/2020
5 February - 6 October 2018.
Budapest Music Center
1093 Budapest, Mátyás utca 8.

Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation
is announcing a mentoring program for young professional conductors and composers for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Leading professors of the program: Peter Eötvös (conductor, composer), Gregory Vajda (conductor, composer). For all working periods there will be renowned guest professors and musicians invited.

The detailed program for 2018 is already announced here, the program of 2019 and 2020 will be promoted later, with a similar working pattern. The supporter of the program is Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne. The Peter Eötvös Foundation provides accommodation and travel costs for the selected young artists and they can participate in the programs free of charge, as part of the mentoring program. The mentored young artists will get the chance to have special consultations with orchestra managers, festival managers, communication specialists and they could also visit great concerts halls, opera houses and widen their professional network. 

A full portfolio will be ready of all mentored artists by the end of the mentor year, it will contain photos, video- and audio-recordings, interviews, recommendation letters and other promotional materials. After the mentoring year, the mentored artists, conductors and composers will have the possibility to showcase their work with an orchestra.

The program welcomes 2 conductors and 2 composers for each mentoring year. The selection process has two phases: the application materials will be first checked by the leading professors and then they will call for personal audition maximum 14 conductors and maximum 18 composers to Budapest (10-11 December 2017 Budapest, BMC).

Application terms and conditions:

The application is open to all nationalities, they invite young professional conductors and composers to apply.
Age limit: 35 years (NOT completing the age of 36 until 31th December 2017)

We kindly ask all applicants to read the announcement carefully because all programs for the mentored artists are obligatory. Apply only if you can manage to engage to the whole schedule of the mentoring program!

Applications could be accepted only via the online application form at
Application materials to upload:

Conductors: Curriculum Vitae, 2 recommendation letters, repertoire list, concert list (with performance venues, orchestras), 3 different video-recording links (only youtube or vimeo), also in rehearsal, not just concert.

Composers: Curriculum Vitae, 2 recommendation letters, list of works (with performance dates, venues and performers), playing a musical instrument (demonstration during audition), scores of 3-4 different pieces:
 - orchestral work
 - ensemble or chamber piece
 - solo piece (for solo instrument)
 - vocal piece (solo or choir, it could be accepted as orchestra or ensemble piece, too)

Note: If the vocal piece is uploaded to ensemble or orchestra category, it should be uploaded again to the vocal category, too!

Application deadline:
31 October 2017

Confirmation for audition
until 8 November 2017.

Auditions at Budapest Music Center:
10 December 2017 CONDUCTORS
11 December 2017 COMPOSERS

No costs of the audition will be covered by the foundation. No scores will be provided printed for audition. Preliminary starting time of the audition is 9 am but all information will be sent to applicants with the confirmation. Announcement of results by the end of each day, for conductors and composers separately. Please note that this time no accommodation is possible at BMC!

The audition for conductors will be organized with two ensembles, conducting two different pieces.

All applicants should conduct both pieces, and everyone is having 15 minutes per piece. Leading professors will be Peter Eötvös and Gregory Vajda, and the musicians will play an active role and will comment on the conductor’s work.

a./ Arnold SCHÖNBERG: Kammersymphonie, Op. 9. (Danubia Orchestra Óbuda)

Audition schedule: 5 minutes run through, 10 minutes rehearsal.

Evaluated elements: articulation, phrasing, pacing, expressiveness

b./ W.A. MOZART: Eine kleine Nachtmusik, KV525 with string quintet and the musicians will evaluate the conductor.

Audition schedule: 15 minutes rehearsal

Evaluated elements: articulation, bow technique, sense of soundscape

The audition for composers will be led by the leading professors of the mentor program, Peter Eötvös and Gregory Vajda. The young artists will be asked about their pieces, professional activities, interests and they have to perform a piece of free choice with instrument (piano will be provided).

Registration fee for audition: 50 EURO

To be transferred until 8 December 2017 to the following account:
Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation
Bank name: K&H Bank Budapest
IBAN: HU76 1020 1006 6019 4912 0000 0000

Selection is focusing on 2018 but it may happen that 2019 positions will be offered and also a waiting list will be made. Officially for 2019 the application will be open from January 2018 until October.

More information and questions about the mentoring program here: 

Detailed description of Mentoring Program in 2018:

1. working phase:
5-15 February 2018 Budapest, Hungary

Program for conductors:

Béla BARTÓK: Duke Bluebeard’s Castle

Igor STRAVINSKY: The Soldier’s Tale
and young composers’ new works.

Featuring soloists from a Hungarian ensemble tbc (Stravinsky) and singers with piano (Bartók).

Peter Eötvös and Gregory Vajda

Program for composers:

Consultation, rehearsal, and concert of young composer’s own work.
Instrumentation for this course (minimum 4 instruments): violin, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, tombone, doublebass, percussion (following the Soldier’s Tale).

Johannes Schöllhorn and Peter Eötvös

Additional program: performances, public meeting, concert (MÜPA), meeting with orchestra managers, interview training.

2. working phase:
20-25 April 2018 Paris, France

Visit of rehearsals with Ensemble Intercontemporain and Peter Eötvös


Bruno MATOVANI: new work

Peter EÖTVÖS: Steine

Pierre BOULEZ: Derive II.

Peter Eötvös, Bruno Mantovani

Additional program: Bruno Mantovani-lecture, visit at Conservatoire de Paris, visit at Philharmony building, concert at Cité de la Musique, visit at IRCAM.

3. working phase:
25 May - 4 June 2018 Budapest, Hungary

Program for conductors:

Arnold SCHÖNBERG: Kammersymphonie, Op. 9

Karlheinz STOCKHAUSEN: Punkte

Danubia Orchestra Óbuda

Peter Eötvös and Gregory Vajda

Program for composers:

Instrumentation for this course: piece for solo instrument or piano (10 minutes)

Stockhausen: Punkte - lectures, consultations

Consultation, rehearsal, and concert of young composer’s own work.

Alessandro Solbiati and Peter Eötvös

Additional programs: lectures, meeting with the representative of Stockhausen Foundation, opera-visit (Hungarian State Opera House), meeting with an international manager.

4. working phase:
30 September - 6 October 2018 Budapest, Hungary

Program for conductors

W.A. MOZART: Serenade No. 10. KV361 (Gran Partita)

the Hungarian Radio Orchestra

Gregory Vajda

Program for composers

Instrumentation for this course: piece for wind quintet (8-10 minutes).

Rehearsal and concert of the new pieces with renowned professors.

The composers will also prepare for a woodwind concerto piece in the frame of this course for 2019.

Peter Eötvös, Camilla Hoitenga (flute), Catherine Milliken (oboe), Horia Dumitrache (clarinet), György Lakatos (bassoon), András Kovalcsik (horn).

More informations:

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